Tile & Stone Brands in a Houston tile store

We have a keen eye for tile companies that deliver astonishing tiles of superior quality without asking you to pay an inflated price. Our passion makes us the perfect partners to bring your dream to life. Our tile store in Houston, TX, gives you the best opportunity to turn your house into a masterpiece.Whether you want to renovate a small bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, we’ve got you covered! Our collections feature stunning exotic tiles from Spain and Italy and "proudly made in America" tiles that capture the imagination. The possibilities are endless with our high-quality, luxurious tiles from global brands.
Alfagres is known for impeccable floor and wall tiles that can solve any design challenge in both homes and businesses. Bold and subdued colors, small and large sizes, and a plethora of design series makes the American tile company an excellent choice for different projects.
Do you want to renovate your home or office? The best option is American Olean. It offers an eminent catalog of superb proudly “made-in-America” tiles. You can use the tiles for all purposes. The tiles have the highest technical quality, so they are great for indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, their collections come in a wide variety as stone, mosaic, and wood-look.
Anatolia Tile is one of the most beloved Canadian tile brands, thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing procedures that provide a product worthy of the greatest praises. The company’s tiles may be blended into any environment thanks to a range of material choices and an ever-growing array of designs.
Arizona Tile combines a remarkable attention to details and wide assortment with excellent quality of American tile. Only the best tiles are chosen for use in residential and business settings by the company’s tile experts. Browse our selection of beautiful ceramic tiles that may imitate a wide range of styles and natural materials.
The spirit of innovation that has propelled Armstrong since the 19th century continues to differentiate the American tile company in the vinyl tile sector. Beloved flooring options include solutions for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring that there is an Armstrong tile for any space.
An American tile company called Bati Orient was founded in Texas in the early 2000s. This company’s focus is oriental stones, and they are renowned for incorporating oriental themes into their tile for both homes and businesses. To fulfil every customer’s decorating fantasy, Bati Orient is on a journey to locate the most distinctive raw materials.
Bedrosian Tile and Stone is one of the best and most famous American tile brands that has been going above and afar for decades. This brand shines due to variety and style. Their company’s catalog offers many exceptional options for both floors and walls. Moreover, their beautiful tile collections suit any home or office style.
Homeowners and contractors can rely on the exceptional quality of the Cambria USA brand when choosing a quartz surface because the company is a well-known American countertop manufacturer. The company specializes in quartz surfaces for all settings, based on a design palette that is constantly developing and uncompromising in its pursuit of innovation.
Cristacer’s collections of floor and wall tiles ensure that any setting imaginable can be easily updated. The well-known producer of Spanish tile has options for both interiors and exteriors, and its porcelain tiles are available in creative effects like wood, marble, and concrete, just to name a few.
When you pick DalTile products for your home or office, you can quickly convert the appearance and atmosphere of a place. The American tile company’s collection is practically infinite, with superb porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic tiles, as well as gorgeous natural stone options such as marble and granite.
Eleganza knows how to capture the attention of customers with refreshing styles. The American tile brand stands out with its huge collection of colors and finishes. And the customization flexibility it offers to homeowners and construction contractors is incredible. The style and elegance of the brand can bring out the hidden creative artist in you.
Explore the impressive variety of Elite Countertops’ quartz surfaces, crafted by this young yet highly respected Indian countertop brand. These quartz countertops are not only visually captivating but also incredibly resilient. Whether you’re drawn to the alluring quartz glass, the timeless elegance of quartz marble, or the versatile patterns of quartz engineered stone, you’ll find it all here.
Elite Luxury Vinyl is a company that excels in creating high-quality and innovative luxury vinyl plank products. Their luxury vinyl plank collection boasts a diverse range of colors, expertly designed to replicate the natural appearance and texture of hardwood floors with impressive accuracy.
Elite Tile is a well-known Indian tile brand that specializes in floor and wall porcelain tiles. They offer a wide variety of tiles in both regular size and large format, making it easy for customers to find the perfect tile for their project. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern tile for your bathroom or a classic and timeless tile for your kitchen, Elite Tile has the perfect tile for you. Their tiles are known for their high-quality, durability, and stunning design. With their focus on innovation and technology, Elite Tile is a trusted name in the tile industry and continues to be a go-to source for architects, designers, and homeowners.
Elysium, an American tile brand with Italian inspiration, brings a fresh perspective to the tile scene. Based in Anaheim, California, this relatively new player in the industry manufactures and distributes its own range of porcelain and mosaic tiles. Discover the seamless fusion of American craftsmanship and Italian design and elevate your spaces with Elysium tiles, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and beyond.
The fantastic designs that Emser Tile is known for, enrich both indoor and outdoor spaces. With such a diverse range of floor and wall tiles, the brand is ideal for a variety of uses. The manufacturer is based in California, so buying products of this brand you’re sure that you’re receiving a reputable American tile!
Evon Stone Ceramics uses porcelain and mosaic tiles merely as its starting point when crafting its singular collections of Indian tile. Effects as varied as marble and wood give each tile a character that is all its own, leading to renovated spaces that can achieve any desired appearance.
Fanal has distinguished itself to be one of Castellón’s top tile manufacturers, providing a broad range of colors, finishes, dimensions, and materials. The Spanish tile designer and maker is renowned for going above and beyond to generate eye-catching designs that combine the simply traditional and the flawlessly contemporary.
All the glass tiles have natural splendor characteristics due to the reflective qualities of the material. However, the beauty in all tiles is not more than the beauty of Glazzio Tile products. This American tile company is one of the best manufacturers that creates original tile designs with beautiful color combinations, taking all benefits from the stunning qualities of glass.
Even though natural quartz serves as the basis, HanStone infuses each surface with plenty of flair. The Canadian tile company specializes in providing different aesthetics, finishes, and a large color palette to make each example of HanStone a work of art for customers to enjoy.
Happy Floors has received well-deserved recognition from the tile community for its decades of dedication to porcelain and ceramic tiles. The renowned American tile company produces a huge variety of exceptional looks, including marble and mosaics, enabling easy installation across both indoor and outdoor settings.
Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor settings, and commercial buildings are among the applications that Landmark Ceramics is tailored for. The American tile company is true to its values and remains a 100% American ceramic company, so you can rest easy knowing your porcelain stoneware is the best of the best.
Lions Floor is a reputable and fast-growing wholesale distributor of SPC waterproof flooring in the United States. Using state-of-the-art technology, Lions Floor produces highly durable and long-lasting flooring products with an exquisite natural wood texture. The company is committed to environmental sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly and sustainable materials to avoid contributing to deforestation.
Marazzi USA has an amazing collection of high-quality tiles manufactured in the United States. Even though the roots of Marazzi come from Italy, it is a proudly American Tile company that delivers its beautiful ceramic tiles in a variety of styles, colors, and effects, including marble, mosaic, natural stone, and wood.
Marble and Granite Inc
A first-class kitchen or bathroom in our modern day requires magnificent stone, and Marble and Granite, Inc. is at the forefront of stone innovation. The American tile company oversees a remarkable catalog of stone types, colors, and designs to afford you all the options needed to realize your creative vision.
Precisely operated to maximize quality and efficiency, Mohawk has been an American tile and flooring leader since the 19th century. Among the brand’s extensive catalog are outstanding designs for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and untold other areas of your home. Simply put, Mohawk is where American quality meets limitless originality.
If you seek low-maintenance surfaces for your home or office, you’ll settle for nothing less than floor tiles made of natural stone or porcelain, ceramic tiles on walls, and glass tiles on backsplashes. These are all specialties of MS International, Inc. It is the premier American tile company with a reputation built around producing exquisite tiles that captures the imagination of anybody with a knack for designing houses.
Nustone Quartz
Nustone Quartz has been in the American tile business for years and continues to impress with new designs and product collections. The company’s unique surfaces are intricately crafted with 93% ground quartz and combined with resin and bonding agents to maximize durability and hold in the singular beauty.
Years dedicated to perfecting the art of waterproof flooring have made Republic Floor one of today’s most unconventional American tile brands. Specialized technology allows the brand’s products to be completely waterproof while replicating the highly desirable look of natural ceramic tiles and wood plank flooring.
Roca Tile is well known for its exceptional and one-of-a-kind tile designs that are able to easily transform kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor areas. Every tile produced by this Spanish tile company for homes and businesses clearly displays Spain’s known devotion to modern and contemporary design and outstanding quality.
The possibilities are endless when you decide to implement a bold design from Shaw Floors into your home or business. The acclaimed supplier of American tile offers flooring solutions for all types of spaces, and with a breadth of colors and looks to choose from, customization is always key.
Silestone is one of the unique American tile companies, which besides having extensive collections of tiles and countertops, also offers great options of sinks and siding. Silestone products are well-known for their durability, thanks to thanks to its scratch, chemical, and fire-resistant qualities. Silestone premium quality tiles are great for residential and commercial usage.
To suggest that SomerTile offers a large number of tiles would be an underestimate. The well-known American tile manufacturer is constantly bringing in new trendy and classic patterns to its already incredible collection of durable ceramic tiles featuring natural stone, marble, and wood looks to list a few.
United Pool Tile
The key to unlocking the full extent of creative opportunities during a pool remodel lies within the United Pool Tile catalog. Flawless glass, mosaic, and ceramic tiles are all produced by the American tile company to create indoor and outdoor pools that will defy belief.
Designs that span the spectrum from the subdued to the visually bold are all brought together in a single catalog at United Tile. The American tile brand is also known for a staggering variety of tile types, with everything from ceramic and glass to concrete and natural stone tiles.
With a reputation that has helped the Indian tile company grow internationally, Varmora is a prime innovator in the ceramics sector. Each tile is incredibly strong and is able to withstand regular use, allowing the brand’s products to be implemented in both quiet homes and high-traffic commercial settings.